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Annual Report 2019/2020

Click here to see our new CVS Annual Report 2019/2020 that contains information on our activities over the past year. Enjoy!
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National Indigenous Day Writing Contest

We wanted to recognize that a child CVS provides services for won 2nd place in a National Indigenous Day writing contest. He was provided with a reward for his efforts and we were excited to hear of this accomplishment. Congrats!  
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Simple Mindfulness Practices E-book

We thought we would share this e-book with you as we head into the weekend. We know these times are not easy right now. Taking time for ourselves can make all the difference in the world. To access and download the E-book click on the image below -
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BC’s Minimum Wage Increase to Go Ahead on June 1st

Labour Minister Harry Bains announced on Thursday to the scheduled minimum wage rise will go forward on June 1st. Minimum wage will rise to $14.60 an hour from $13.85 an hour. British Columbia businesses devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic will still have to pay a scheduled increase in the minimum wage next month just as…
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