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familyWORKS meeting

familyWORKs is having its next meeting on Thursday, April 26th from 7-8:30pm to discuss Business Basics for Self Employment. Employment is an important piece of inclusion and self employment offers a lot of benefits that should be considered, so it should be an informative evening for all. Please click on the poster below for further information.…
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Mark Wafer – Inclusive Employment

The video below tells the story of Mark Wafer. An owner of seven Tim Horton's franchises in the Greater Toronto area and also a man who has been deaf since birth. Mark is an advocate for individuals with disabilities and believes in inclusive employment, promoting what his over 40 disabled employees bring to his bottom…
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BC Government to Compensate pre-1974 Woodlands Residents

On Saturday, March 31st, BC Premier John Horgan announced that the BC government will be compensating pre-1974 Woodlands residents. The former “provincial asylum for the insane” was the site of horrific physical and sexual abuse, but government payments to former patients in 2010 only covered those who suffered at the facility starting on August 1st,…
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Long BC Wait Times for Wheelchairs Under Scrutiny, Needs to be Reduced

An interesting article was published recently by CBC News highlighting the long wait times for wheelchairs for mobility aid users. The current average wait time for a medical device, according to The Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction is 46 days. However, mobility users have suggested it can take much longer. Red tape often encumbers…
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