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Family Support Institute of BC Announces myBooklet BC

myBooklet BC was directly inspired by Julia, a vibrant and funny girl with complex health challenges. Julia has many gifts and strengths. She also has a very active life in her community. The Family Support Institute of BC collaborated with Julia's family to turn Julia's booklet into a FREE online tool. The tool aims to help, support…
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CVS is Recruiting New Board Members!

It’s 2019 and the Community Ventures Society (CVS) is looking for new Board Members. Our current Board of Directors are an ideal mix of people who have adult children served by CVS and also professionals who bring their expertise to the Board. After many years of service some Board members are wanting to take a…
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Securing the Financial Future for Persons with Disabilities

It was announced on January 26th, that in a 7-2 split decision, in the case of S.A. v. Metro Vancouver Housing Corp, the Supreme Court of Canada overturned British Columbia’s Court of Appeal’s decision on discretionary (Henson) trusts. In doing so, the court has set a precedent that will serve to shield the rights of persons with…
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