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BC Woman Threatened with Loss of Insurance after Son Damages Home

A Global News article highlighted that a mother of a West Vancouver boy with autism faced her insurance provider cancelling her policy after her teenage son had a meltdown and did about $4,500 worth of damage to her home. Westland Insurance offered to cover the cost, as she’d only had one minor claim over her 20…
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Woodlands Survivors Start Receiving Compensation from the Province

This week it was announced that survivors of Woodlands who lived at the institution before 1974 have begun receiving compensation payments from the Province. This comes following the Province's announcement in March. Residents who lived at Woodlands before 1974 (who were previously excluded from the settlement) will now receive $10,000. As well, all residents who lived…
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BC Dental Associations’ Complex Medical Dental Pilot Program

The provincial government is funding a Complex Medical Dental (CMD) pilot project led by the BC Dental Association (BCDA). The pilot will create new opportunities to receive dental coverage for recipients of disability assistance, income assistance, and their families. The CMD pilot funding will be available on a pre-approval basis for applications submitted to the…
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