Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

Inclusive communities where people belong and have opportunities to contribute.

Our Mission:

To open doors to opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families so that they live the life they choose.

We are committed to enhancing the quality of our services through advocacy, innovation and collaboration.

We strive to inspire the community to join us in creating positive social change.


IMG_3554 Our Values:

    • We believe in the importance of community building.

    • We value relationships, dignity, quality, competence, excellence, flexibility, creativity, integrity and diversity.

    • We respect the privacy of participants, employees and organizational information.

    • We commit to truth, fairness, equity and respect for participants and their families, ourselves, our colleagues, and those with whom we are in contact.

    • We commit to developing and demonstrating our own leadership, within the organization and within our communities.

    • We support the role of advocacy in the pursuit of inclusive communities.

    • We believe that to support individuals, we must support their families and communities.

    • We commit to evidence based practice.