Outreach Services

Our CVS Life Skills program is term-specific (usually lasting three months) and typically matches individuals with a 1:1 worker for up to 4 hours per week. During that time, we work to achieve identified goals that may include bus training, cooking skills, money management or social interaction skills.


Our Life Skills program provides a foundation upon which the individual can fulfill his or her goals to encourage as much independence as possible. We recognize that people learn in different ways, and so support is tailored to focus on the individual's needs, strengths, skills, abilities, and preferences.

Our working principle is to be as flexible as possible in order to best meet the needs of those we serve. We typically meet twice a week, with appointments determined by the individual's schedule and available time slots within the Life Skills schedule.

Application for Life Skills services must be made through Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). You can visit their office in the Tri-Cities area at 400-205 Newport Drive in Port Moody, or call (604) 933-2000.

For more information, please email Helen Stovell or call 604.937.2028.