Information for Families and Caregivers

At CVS, we honour the experience of families. We know that our role is to be a support and help add to the resilience that families already possess. When we speak of families, we also include caregivers who provide beyond their contractual obligations and offer care with love.


We offer information that will assist people to be informed of best practices to help the loved one they support to be the best they can be, help caregivers to be more effective, and advance the mission of inclusion.

The first resource that we offer is family support. We want to be a hub for information because when a child with a disability comes into a family, no one gives you the manual. We work as partners with families, aligning our services with best practices. When we speak of best practice we mean Positive Behaviour Supports, Person Centred Planning, Customized and Supported Employment, and Asset Based Community Development.

Over time, we will use this website as a repository of information that will assist staff, caregivers, and families.

If you are a bit lost and need some direction, please give us a call and ask for Kevin Lusignan or Helen Stovell.  You can also call the Family Support Institute of British Columbia or Inclusion BC.