CVS History

Second steps

CVS was founded in 1978 to provide supports and services to people with disabilities and their families.  Since then, we have been helping people actively participate in a full range of community life through innovative programs – including respite and children services, as well as adult personal supports.  We continue to lead the way in facilitating self-advocacy.

May 29, 1978

  • The Society was incorporated as the Second Step Society for Physically Handicapped Adults.
  • The first service was a sheltered achievement centre. A thrift store, woodworking shop, and craft program were developed to provide training for vocational skills.

Second steps van


  • Our name was changed to Community Ventures Society, with changes made also to our location and focus.

Group shot history

Mid 90’s

  • The organization began expanding to welcome individuals back home to their community from institutions like Woodlands.


  • The Respite Program was created to serve and support 10 families in family-to-family respite.


  •  The Association celebrated its 25th anniversary – a remarkable achievement!


  • 76 families were supported in family-to-family respite.
  • 40 individuals, with a variety of abilities and disabilities, were supported daily in community-based activities.
  • There were more service reductions due to reduced budgets, yet CVS still managed to maintain our high standards of service.
  • “Individualized Funding,” a new philosophy of service delivery, made its debut.


  • We successfully achieved our first-ever CARF accreditation in 2005.


  • Once again, CARF awarded a three-year accreditation for all CVS programs.
  • Our CVS Family celebrated 30 Years of Service to the Tri-City Communities.  The many people who have been faithful, devoted and diligent in helping CVS succeed over these years were brought together at a wonderful party for a night of joy and rejuvenation.  Much dancing, laughter and love filled the lives of each in attendance.


  • Our core programs continue to grow and thrive in both Children's and Adult Services, and we have added several new ventures to our list of services: a Foster Family Program, Life Skills Program, Employment-Focused Community Inclusion Programs, and a Shared Living Program.


  • After many years, CVS purchased its first building located at 2322 St. John's Street in Port Moody.


  • CVS has grown into an organization that has doubled in size since 2013. CVS has also grown in skill and capacity in serving people with challenging behaviours.