Employment Roundtable of the Tri-Cities

Community Ventures Society has been working with a collaborative community group to foster the conditions for increased employment for people with disabilities in the Tri-Cities area. The Tri-Cities Employment Roundtable has been bringing together service providers, employers, schools and colleges for over fifteen years, helping to improve the conditions for economic and social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. Members of the Roundtable have been part of the recent CLBC Community Employment Plan process that has culminated in several strategic initiatives across the province, including the Tri-Cities Community Employment Plan.

The Tri-Cities Employment Plan focuses on increasing the capacity of families, youth and schools, and enhancing communications and outreach to the local business community. With respect to communications, our group have developed three key messages:

1. That people with disabilities are employed and bring value to the employer.

2. Employing people with various abilities is good business!

3. That we are here to help with skilled job coaches and developers.

These 3 key messages are reflected in the advertisements below that will be running in the Tri-City News over the course of the next year.









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If you are interested in helping with this initiative, please contact Kevin Lusignan at CVS r contact one of the other members of the Employment Roundtable of the Tri-Cities.





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