Shared Living

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Shared Living offers an alternative to staffed residential homes by providing an individual with the opportunity to share their life and build relationships with a family, or a person who has expressed an interest in sharing their home.

Matches with families are based on the preferences expressed by an individual. Shared living families provide a good home environment and specialized supports to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of the person who is sharing your home. They also ensure that the person living with them has opportunities to be part of the family and share in activities in the home and in the community. A Shared Living provider ensures there are opportunities for personal growth, and follows up on physiotherapy and behavioural support strategies if required.

If you would like additional information about our Shared Living programs or you would like to apply to be a Care Provider, please get in touch with Colin Wood, Manager of Shared Living, or Kylie Isaacson, Assistant Manager, Shared Living. They can be reached at the contact details below:

Colin Wood, Manager of Shared Living - email:; tel: 604.939.8070 ext. 2026; cell: 604.833.3790.

Kylie Isaacson, Assistant Manager, Shared Living - email:; tel: 604.939.8070 ext. 2018; cell: 604.417.0046