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The Employment program is focused on helping the individuals we serve find employment and develop employment skills, recreational healthy living and community-based activities. At CVS, we have a strong focus on finding employment for the individuals we serve. We know that individuals with developmental disabilities make a major contribution to the working world, they are loyal, have record low absenteeism rates and help foster a culture of inclusion within their organizations.

Diana MacPhee
Manager of
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Emily Price
Program Coordinator,
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Alison Goulding
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Employment Specialist
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Employment Specialist
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Our Employment team spends time educating and advocating for employment opportunities for the individuals we serve and individuals with developmental disabilities generally. It all starts with a Discovery process we run internally with the individual we serve to identify their interests and is then followed by a related job search. Once a job is identified and an employer is on board, CVS invests considerable time to assist with breaking down tasks, training and job shadowing. Once the individual we serve and employer are comfortable, we begin a phasing out process but are always on hand for the employer if more support is needed.

Alison Goulding works with the individuals we serve as our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Augmented and Alternative Communications (AAC) Coordinator. Her role in our Employment program is often related to assist individuals who need support with communication systems such as PECS, Pics, TouchChat, Proloqu for electronic devices. She is on hand as a resource at CVS for these needs and to ensure the individuals who are working in the community are set up for success.

CVS is always looking for employment opportunities in the community. If you are a business who would like to learn more about our Employment program, please contact Diana MacPhee by email at [email protected].