New Changes in Community Inclusion & Homes

There have been some recent changes to staffing our Community Inclusion and Homes programs. These changes will take effect starting in May but we wanted to announce the changes now so everyone is aware and can congratulate Patrick, Philip and Ike on their new appointments.

Patrick Fowler

Patrick Fowler has been appointed as the Discovery #1 Program Coordinator, reporting to Dawne Windblad. Patrick has been part of the CVS team for several years now and has most recently moved to this role from the Footloose Program Coordinator position. He will continue to help out and be at the main office as needed until then.  Congratulations Patrick!

Philip Nkum will be starting the role of Temporary Footloose Program Coordinator on May 6th, reporting to Dawne Windblad. Over the past year, Philp has been working at Upper Inverness in a Temporary Program Coordinator role. Welcome to Community Inclusion Philip!

Philip Nkum


Ike de Vera

Ike de Vera will move into the role of Inverness Program Coordinator starting on May 1st, reporting to Adrienne Mohr. Ike held a permanent position at Inverness House in the overnight position previously. He then took the temporary PC position at Moore House before moving into this permanent role. Congratulations Ike!