Winter is here it seems…

We are writing to you to advise that when snows fall this year CVS intends to stay operational so that people who regularly come to the Port Moody office or the Port Coquitlam office will have staff to support them.  However, activities and outings may be changed to make sure that safety of the people we serve and staff is the priority therefore most services will be provided in the building. Please be aware that Handydart may cancel services if snow falls early in the morning.

For the individuals that are usually picked up from home, staff will attempt to pick up that person, however due to road conditions and hills that may or may not be possible. CVS will phone to advise if we are unable to pick up the person but please know that the office will be open and the person can be dropped off anytime after 9am and then would need to be picked up by 3pm.

We are aware this may cause some inconvenience however our efforts are to keep everyone safe at CVS.  We hope to have a very mild winter so that snow will not cause too much disruption. We have already made plans to have our parking lot and sidewalks cleared, we have salt stocked up, and we hope to be able to respond to weather events appropriately. If the snow is extreme please keep in mind that we may have to close for the sake of safety but we will try to avoid closing if at all possible. To check if we are open please call 604.218.8492.