A Kelowna Mother\’s Story – More Support Staff Needed in Schools

An Okanagan mother is speaking out about current staffing levels at schools in Kelowna.

Christine McKay, whose six-year-old son Isaac has autism, says the Central Okanagan School District didn\’t have a resource teacher teacher at the beginning of the academic year, creating gaps in his education at South Kelowna Elementary. McKay is reaching out to state that more support workers are needed throughout the Okanagan to ensure children like her son aren\’t let down, and can thrive. With no resource teacher, McKay says there was no study plan for Isaac. McKay said that instead care workers walked the boy around the school\’s hallways throughout the school day.

The school district has responded, noting that they are meeting their requirements. McKay is one mom who is trying to take a stand for her son and whether the responsibility lies with the school district or the government to get her son further support to help with his needs, McKay makes a valid and important argument.

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