Accreditation Survey Coming to CVS

A survey team from CARF International* will be visiting on Wednesday, June 28 to Friday, June 30.

We invited the surveyors to evaluate how well we meet international standards for quality. The survey will tell us what we are doing well and ways we might improve. As a result of this survey, we may earn or continue accreditation.

As part of the survey, the surveyors will interview people who receive services, their families, our staff, and others. Some questions the survey team members might ask people are:

  • Do we provide a clean and safe setting?
  • Do you receive the services you need and want?
  • Are you treated with respect?
  • Do you take part in planning your services?
  • Are you told what you need to know about your services?
  • Are your questions answered in a way you understand?
  • Do you know where to go with questions or concerns?

If you would like to talk with one of the survey team members or want to learn more about CARF International, please let one of our staff members know. You may also contact CARF International directly.

  • Internet:
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Mail: CARF International, 6951 East Southpoint Road, Tucson, AZ 85756, USA
  • Telephone: (520) 495-7001
  • Fax: (520) 318-1129

Community Ventures Society\’s services were originally surveyed by CARF in the Summer of 2005, and received a three-year accreditation award in the areas of employment and community services. CVS was successful in 3 subsequent surveys, and is currently certified until June 2017 in the following areas of service:

  • Community Housing
  • Community Integration
  • Host Family/Shared Living Services
  • Community Housing and Shelters (Children and Adolescents)
  • Foster Family and Kinship Care (Children and Adolescents)
  • Respite (Children and Adolescents)
  • Governance Standards

CARF Canada operates as a private, independent, not-for-profit corporation providing an accreditation program for human services providers. Over the years, CARF International has built a reputation for its respected accreditation practices and is now able to provide well-established accreditation services in the fields of aging services, behavioural health, child and youth services, employment and community services, and medical rehabilitation. In recent years, several Canadian government ministries have endorsed CARF to provide accreditation services to their contracted providers.