Adults with Autism Finding Ways into the Workforce

The Baltimore Sun released an excellent article highlighting some of the positive developments occurring in the world of employment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The article primarily focuses on the U.S. market and how employment opportunities are improving to help more adults with autism find jobs. Additionally, there are a number of initiatives going on now that are helping individuals with developmental disabilities obtain minimum wage or more. Similar efforts are occurring in Canada and enforcement of paying minimum wage is something that is important for treating people fairly. The U.S. Department of Labor has created rules aimed at disrupting the school-to-segregated workshop pipeline by pressuring states to ensure students with disabilities are leaving schools ready to work and to provide targeted employment.

Despite some concerns from some parents and employers, the outcome so far has been relatively positive. Advocates say the community is seeing a radical shift. Employers are becoming more aware of the potential of people on the spectrum, technology is advancing, and the workers themselves are demanding equal pay and opportunities. A lot of it is down to making changes in the way tasks are divided up, which largely comes down to thinking out of the box.

Community Ventures Society (CVS) works with the individuals we serve to help them gain employment in the community and in the development of social enterprises. Additionally, we work with local employers to help them create a working environment that will be a win-win for the business and the individual. At CVS, we recognize the importance of employment to community inclusion and are committed to encouraging employment with our members.