Although Community Social Services Awareness Month has Passed, Let\’s Continue to Recognize Social Services across BC

Community Social Services Awareness Month is over and March was a great month to recognize all the wonderful social services across our province.

The Times Colonist recently released a great article that really highlights that the average individual likely has never heard of Community Social Services Awareness month and many don\’t truly understand what community social services are. Those who have little awareness over these services may have never needed to access these services before. However, according to the numbers, someone in your life, at some stage, will rely on community social services to get by. Whether that be services you require for yourself, a relative or close friend.

Many of the services that the BC government provides to the people of the province are provided through contracts with community organizations. These include services and supports for families, for children and infants, for young people involved in the child-protection system, for people with disabilities, for those trying to find jobs, for foster parents, for newcomers to BC, and for older adults.

Our work helps ensure that other public services, such as health care and education, can focus on doing what they do best. Just talk to a police officer or your child’s teacher or your doctor or nurse and ask them what their jobs would be like without social workers, counsellors and child-care workers. Try to imagine what your community would look like if those services disappeared. Who in your life would be left to struggle alone?

Now that we have reached April, let\’s not forget about the important of all of our community social services organizations. They really form part of who we are as an integrated community. To read more of this article, click here.