BC Woman Threatened with Loss of Insurance after Son Damages Home

A Global News article highlighted that a mother of a West Vancouver boy with autism faced her insurance provider cancelling her policy after her teenage son had a meltdown and did about $4,500 worth of damage to her home.

Westland Insurance offered to cover the cost, as she’d only had one minor claim over her 20 years with them. However, the company then began questioning her about her child’s health. Then, this week, it announced it was ending their relationship with her as a client.

The incident is deeply concerning to Disability Alliance B.C.

Westland Insurance initially agreed to an interview with Global News. Then they backed out and contacted Angela. “They told me I would not be cancelled, but they would have to discus further about mitigating circumstances that caused the claim,” she said on Friday.

The mother of two is relieved her insurance isn’t cancelled, but she questions how she’ll be treated in the future and worries how insurance companies treat others with disabilities.

CVS is aligned with the concerns expressed by Disability Alliance B.C. It appears that the insurer is providing services to the family but it will be interesting to see how they are treated in the future. We\’re sure that the West Vancouver family and Disability Alliance B.C. will be keeping a close eye so it can ensure that the family is treated fairly.