BC\’s Minimum Wage Increase to Go Ahead on June 1st

Labour Minister Harry Bains announced on Thursday to the scheduled minimum wage rise will go forward on June 1st. Minimum wage will rise to $14.60 an hour from $13.85 an hour.

British Columbia businesses devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic will still have to pay a scheduled increase in the minimum wage next month just as many are struggling to get back in operation.

Labour Minister Harry Bains says the province will push ahead with the planned minimum wage increase on June 1 to $14.60 an hour from $13.85 an hour. His rationale is that the lowest paid workers need money in their pockets to help them support their livelihoods and contribute more dollars to local businesses.

Bains says B.C.\’s economic restart plan launched this week after steady declines in COVID-19 cases aims to restore business confidence for employees, employers and customers during the ongoing pandemic.

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