Business Case for Better Dental Care

In 2015, I wrote about the work that Joan Rush is doing with respect to advocating for better dental care for people with developmental disabilities. As an ardent advocate she has since continued her quest to provide better dental care for our loved ones.

Joan spoke at the IBC annual meeting last spring and gave a presentation on the dental clinic project. The Minister of Health said she would have to develop a business case for a specialized dental clinic that was supported by the Faculty of Dentistry in order to gain Ministry of Health Support. Joan applied for a grant from the Vancouver Foundation to cover the cost of preparing the business case.  Joan got the grant and completed the research to support the Help Teeth Hurt Business Case and sent it along with a letter to the Minister of Health, Terry Lake in December.

Joan is doing important work and you can follow her at her website Help Teeth Hurt. A lack of proper dental care can lead to other health complications, behaviour issues and disease. I am grateful for what she is doing and I am asking for you to join us in advocating for change. To help you can contact your local MLA and the Minister of Health Terry Lake at [email protected]