Changes to the Shared Living & Specialized Children\’s Residential Teams

Shared Living & Specialized Children\’s Residential have been through a few changes over the past couple of months. We wanted to take the time to introduce the new organization of both teams to our community.

Since September, Colin Wood has assumed the role of Manager of Shared Living. Colin and his team continue to work to find alternative housing to staffed residential homes by providing an individual with the opportunity to share their life and build relationships with a family, or a person who has expressed an interest in sharing their home.

Anna Campion has been appointed to the role of Assistant Manager of Shared Living and will start working on the team on Monday, October 22nd. Anna joins Shared Living from our Community Inclusion program and is excited for this new opportunity.

In terms of Specialized Children\’s Residential, Amrita Dhoot assumed the role of Manager of Children\’s Specialized Resources in September. Amrita and her team continue to provide specialized residential resources to meet the medical or behavioural needs of the children we serve.


We are excited for the new structure of these teams and are looking forward to the months ahead.

If you would like additional information about our Shared Living programs or Specialized Children\’s Residential, please get in touch with Colin, Anna or Amrita at the details below:

Colin Wood, Manager of Shared Living – email: [email protected]; tel: 604.939.8070 ext. 2026; cell: 604.833.3790.

Anna Campion, Assistant Manager, Shared Living – email: [email protected]; tel: 604.939.8070 ext. 2026; cell: 604.417.0046

Amrita Dhoot, Manager of Children\’s Specialized Resources – email: [email protected]; tel: 604.939.8070 ext. 2023 ext. 2026; cell:778.387.8070