CVS 2017/2018 Outcomes Management Report

Community Ventures Society (CVS) has completed its 2017/2018 outcomes management report.

What is the Outcomes Measurement Process?

In the surveys, in each of the areas of service, it is asked if leadership at CVS are accessible, how well they communicate, if CVS are creating good matches/pairings, if people are satisfied, what CVS is doing well, and how the organization can improve.

The questions asked are rated on a Likert scale (agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or disagree). Subsequently, the results are analyzed and measured to see if any trends emerge from the data. Last year’s report is used to make comparisons with the current year. The results will then be folded into a Business Performance Measurement and Management Report that informs the activities of the organization over the next year.

How Did We Do?

  • Overall CVS provides quality service and this Outcomes Management Report is consistent with last years results
  • Some indication of a small reduction in scores in satisfaction, accessibility and effectiveness for some of our areas of service.We are developing strategies to deal with this issue
  • Small increase in scores of our Respite Services

Unfortunately, some of the survey response rates were significantly lower than last year. In particular, response rates from families/caregivers of participants in our community inclusion programs were much lower. The response rates from foster family stakeholders were also much lower but the survey pool is quite small to begin with. Finally, there is feedback that CVS will need to address some issues regarding dignity, respect and choice for persons served.

Overall, this years Outcomes Management Report is consistent with last years results and it tells us that we continue to offer a quality service to the individuals we serve.

Click on the link to access the complete CVS Outcomes Management Report 2017/2018.