CVS is Recruiting New Board Members!

It’s 2019 and the Community Ventures Society (CVS) is looking for new Board Members. Our current Board of Directors are an ideal mix of people who have adult children served by CVS and also professionals who bring their expertise to the Board. After many years of service some Board members are wanting to take a step back and create an opportunity for someone new.

CVS provides support and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.  We provide Foster Families, Summer Camps, Children\’s Respite, Life Skills, Community Inclusion, Employment, Specialized Children\’s Residential, Outreach, and Shared Living services. We have been serving the Tri-Cities since 1979.

To help ground our Board we are interested in people serving on the Board who have a loved one that is served by CVS. We feel that having family members on our Board of Directors makes us stronger and more connected to the people we serve with respect to our governance.

The commitment required of Board Members is as follows:

  1. The Board of Directors will establish and approve all Governance policies of CVS.
  2. Directors will attend Board of Director meetings (held the 4th Monday at 4:30 of each month except December, July, & August – we will feed you). Our AGM is in June before the Board Meeting.
  3. Directors will read the Board Package in advance of the Board Meetings.
  4. Directors must make every effort to become financially competent with respect to CVS Financials (we will help).

Board Members must act with integrity, honesty, and in good faith in the best interests of CVS  with our Vision, Mission, and Values as a guide.

If you are interested please contact our Nominations Committee Chair, Valerie Irving at [email protected].