CVS Says Goodbye to Two Board Members

On Monday, June 25th, CVS had its Annual General Meeting. It was an excellent meeting to reflect on another year of growth at CVS. We also took the time to thank two of our Board members who are retiring from the Board – Cindy Lee and Chris Ackerman.

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Cindy Lee, who recently retired from her position with School District 43, made the difficult decision to retire from the CVS Board of Directors after 17 years. We want to thank Cindy for her time and dedication to the Board. It has helped CVS grow through a number of stages of its development. Our Treasurer, Chris Ackerman, is also retiring from the Board. In a short space of time, Chris has helped us through a number of transitions and we wanted to thank him for his commitment and dedication.

We wish Chris and Cindy all the best in their future endeavours.