Disability Alliance BC Announces New Resources

Disability Alliance BC recently announced that it has created new resources for people with disabilities who are victims of crime. We have created reader-friendly, ASL and captioned videos on different topics, as well as help information sheets in English and French.

The initiative is part of Disability Alliance BC\’s How I Need to Know project, which is generously funded by the Department of Justice. Currently, there are six videos in the series:

Video 1: How to Report a Crime to Police 

Video 2: How to Report a Crime when you Have a Communication Disability

Video 3: What Happens When you go to Court

Video 4: Being a Witness & Testifying in Court

Video 5: What to do if you\’ve Been Sexually Assaulted

Video 6: How to Write your Victim Impact Statement

To view these videos in ASL, please visit the Disability Alliance BC site.

In addition to its videos, Disability Alliance BC has created help information sheets that cover key information in the videos in an easy-to-understand printable form. To access these help sheets, please click here.