Family Support Institute of BC Statement Regarding Garth Home Society

We are sharing this information from The Family Support Institute of BC

The Family Support Institute of BC has fielded many calls related to the recent article in the news that has prompted several investigations into Garth Homer Society. The Family Support Institute finds this troubling from a number of perspectives.

As a family driven organization supporting families province-wide who have family members with disabilities, to hear an organization such as this one staunchly stand by its employees rather than the vulnerable people it supports is extremely disconcerting. We expect that a person-centred model would be leading all community living organizations in their guiding principles and the values that drive them to do their work.

The bold statements made publicly by high level executives of the Garth Homer Society have raised concerns by families about the health and safety of their own family members who are in the care of this, and other Community Living Agencies. It has instilled a sense of uneasiness in many families. It is important to note that the vast majority of most Community Living Agencies do in fact follow a person centred model of practice, and place individuals at the centre of care in all of their work, including but not limited to health and safety.

Since this story broke in the news on May 29, 2021, FSI has remained accessible and available to any family member that requires additional guidance, to have their voices heard should they have any concerns about the care that their family members are receiving. Families are asking about Safeguards and Monitoring that are in place to keep their loved ones safe from negligence and harm. This would include access to supported decision-making tools and legal representatives to ensure the voices of people with disabilities are also embedded throughout this experience. CLBC has put out an official statement around their Safeguards and Monitoring Practices that can be read here.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call FSI and we can support you to take other steps to ensure your loved ones are safe, and your voice and that of your loved ones, is heard during the process. Please take a moment to read these 2 articles for reference: