Finding Community Online

At CVS, we believe the best way to engage with your community is face-to-face but we also recognize that more and more people are finding community online these days. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram offer a way to build and join online communities with individuals across the world.

For the individuals we serve, joining an online community can be a nice way to share their unique interests with people across our own community or in other parts of the world. It opens up doors that may not be bound by geography. Building positive connections gives us ways to discuss topics, give and receive comments and be part of something important to us.

When seeking out online communities, it\’s important to do your research – so you can reduce wasting time but also to be safe (we\’ll talk more about that later). Before you join or interact in an online community, try looking into the following:

  • How is the online community managed? The best communities have managers who are hands-on and interactive. They do their best to get everyone involved and keep up a regular flow of topics.

  • Who is commenting? Successful communities have regulars, but they also have brand-new members and people who pop in from time to time. If the same few people are the only ones who are participating, see whether you can figure out why.

  • What is the reaction by members of the community? If you see a good response to messages and comments, it’s a good indication of a positive, healthy community.

You also need to be aware of how to engage in an online community and stay safe. There are unique and serious risks to consider when sharing information online. Be careful with the personal information you share and try to ensure that the group has the right intentions by asking questions before you join.

Online communities are growing in popularity and can be an extremely valuable way of connecting with others. Sharing information can be a great way to grow as a person by learning more.