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Dear Supporter,

When you live on $906 a month you have to choose between the basics like food or rent. That was the disability assistance rate 110,000 people in BC relied on.   

Two years ago the government changed how it delivered the disability assistance bus pass without addressing the rates which hadn’t been increased in 9 years.

We launched a campaign to change that. 16,000 signatures were collected to petition the Premier to raise the rates and leave the bus pass program as it was. We got on the phone resulting in 150 disability and poverty organizations signing a joint-letter to government. We organized protests around the province to pressure decision makers, gaining significant media coverage.

We made noise and we were heard.

Monthly disability assistance rates have gone up $227 and this October, the new BC government announced an additional $52 monthly transportation supplement for a bus pass or other transportation needs.

“The $227 means I can buy enough food and maybe even get a gift for a friend this holiday. It’s a big deal, but it’s not enough,” said Rachel Adair, a self advocate from Courtenay, BC.

Will you help us keep this momentum going? We are an organization with little-to-no government funding. Our donors and member organizations fuel this advocacy work.

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Now is the time to address poverty and advance inclusion.

Yours sincerely,

Faith Bodnar

Executive Director, Inclusion BC