Introducing Monthly Podcast Suggestions at CVS

CVS is consistently looking for ways to improve and enhance what we communicate out to our community. In today\’s world, technology plays an important part of our lives – whether we like it or not.

In an effort to provide greater resources to our community, we have decided to launch a monthly feature on our blog that will provide all of you with two podcasts we\’d like to suggest you check out.

While these podcasts are not endorsed by CVS, after listening to them ourselves, we find that they offer a valuable take on current subjects that could help people across our community.

To kick things off in October, have a listen to the 2 podcasts below –

  1. Disability Matters – competitive employment and empowerment for people with disabilities is the emphasis of this show. It covers a range of topics including a number of excellent examples in employment to provide insight and motivation for individuals with disabilities, their families and employers. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or for Android users visit PlayerFM.
  2. On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Jay interviews a range of people who provide insights into their experiences and tell compelling stories. Some of the latest podcast episodes include an interesting take into the new Joker film and a talk with fashion designer Kenneth Cole on how to creatively break into the career of your choice. Listen on Jay\’s website, subscribe on Apple Podcasts or for Android users visit PlayerFM.

We hope you enjoy the podcasts above over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more podcasts in November!