January 2020 Podcasts

Welcome to 2020! We are excited to be continuing our podcast feature in our blog and hope you\’ve enjoyed the ones we suggested in 2019.  While these podcasts are not endorsed by CVS, after listening to them ourselves, we find that they offer a valuable take on current subjects that could help people across our community.

Here are a couple of podcasts you may want to check out this month –

  1. Oprah\’s SuperSoul Conversations – who doesn\’t love a bit of Oprah for motivation & wisdom? A great podcast to uplift and feel inspired. Subscribe by clicking here.
  2. One in Ten – engaging and insightful guests focus on the tough subject of child abuse and associated trauma and other topics. An excellent podcast for this subject matter with lots of supportive information. Listen by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy the podcasts above over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more podcasts in February!