Join Us for Bingo Night on November 19th

CVS will be hosting a virtual Bingo night on November 19th from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. We will be letting people into the virtual room at 6:25 – 6:35, then we will have the instructions and do any Q&A needed and then we\’ll get started. We hope to have up to 40 families & individuals so we ask everyone who wants to join to register (see details below).

This virtual Bingo Night is part of a new series of evening programs we are launching at CVS. We are able to deliver this Evening Program due to the being awarded a grant from the Port Moody Foundation. We are very grateful for this grant and the Foundation, so we can enhance our programming at CVS for the individuals we serve and their families.  

Please RSVP by November 12th at noon to Linda King by email ([email protected]). Once you register with Linda, you will be sent Bingo cards and you will receive them before the event on November 19th. Also, people can come to the office to pick them up, we just need to work out a mutually convenient time. In your RSVP to Linda please also send your mailing address (or email) if you want the Bingo cards mailed/emailed out to you.

We are planning to play 4-6 rounds of Bingo depending on how long each round is as we plan to finish by 7:30pm. And yes, there will be prizes that will then be dropped off or mailed out AND there will also be door prizes.

Bingo Night will be held via zoom, and a zoom link will be sent out a few days before the event.

We hope you can make it – it\’s going to be a lot of fun!