March is National Nutrition Month in Canada – Tips to Healthy Eating

March is national nutrition month in Canada, which is a great reminder to assess and reset our workplace eating habits. For many of us, making healthy food choices at work can be challenging. Here at CVS, we know that many of us are on the go and sometimes that can make it difficult to eat healthy.

Here are some easy tips to help us make healthier nutrition choices while we’re on the job.

Make a Plan

Creating a meal plan at the beginning of the week can help you stay in control of your options. Be mindful of your schedule, where your routines are disrupted, and how much time you can take to eat your meal. Prepare as much food in advance as you can to help save yourself some extra time.

Pack your Lunch Wisely

Depending on your workplace, you may or may not have a fridge or food prep area available to you. Don’t be discouraged if a fridge or microwave isn’t an option! Get creative with how and what you pack for lunch by bringing food that can be eaten cold and packed in a cooler.

Keep Healthy Options on Hand

Stock up on healthy items that you can reach for when you forget a lunch or when snack cravings hit! Items such as canned fish, instant oatmeal, nuts, and seeds are great items with a longer shelf life. They’re perfect for keeping on hand for when you need it.

Reduce Salt

Packaged and processed foods often have too much salt and eating too much salt in our diets can lead to a number of health issues. Try to reduce salt by choosing fresh foods. If you want to add salt to food, do it in moderation.

Drink More Water

It’s hard to resist having multiple coffees throughout our days, but it’s important to be mindful of how much water we are drinking as well. Try adding some fresh fruit or herbs to your water for a little extra flavour!

Have fun with these tips but we\’d even love to hear of other tips you use to keep fit & healthy. Comment below to let us know what you do to stay healthy…