More Vaccination Rollout News

On March 23rd, 2021, the B.C. Ministry of Health announcement clarification on its vaccination rollout for persons identified as clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV). B.C. residents 16+ years who are identified as clinically extremely vulnerable will be able to receive their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the coming weeks. Inclusion BC provided us with this update and we are happy to cascade it to our community. 

To read the full brief visit the BC Government News.

Inclusion BC is pleased to learn of the further clarity provided by the Provincial Health Office in regards to the prioritization of COVID-19 vaccinations for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Thank you to the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship for the advocacy partnership in ensuring that persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities were clearly considered in the B.C. COVID-19 vaccination priority plans. 

We would also like to thank the Provincial Health Office for both hearing our concerns and for bringing further clarity to the vaccine priorities for all B.C. residents.

CVS echoes the thoughts from Inclusion BC and are excited for many of the individuals we serve to be in a position to be vaccinated in the coming weeks.

Here are some general questions you may have about this announcement and how it applies to you or your loved ones –

How will I know if I\’m identified as clinically extremely vulnerable? 

People aged 16 to 74 years old who are eligible will receive a letter in the mail with information on how to book their COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Those who receive the letter can book a vaccine appointment for themselves or have a family member or friend call for them.

What are the eligibility requirements for persons with significant developmental disabilities?

People supported by the following programs are eligible:

  • Community Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) 
  • Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) 
  • Nursing Support Services program for youth aged 16 to 19 

To read the full list of eligibility requirements visit the BC Government News.

What are my next steps? 

  1. Wait for your letter 
  2. Call to book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment following the instructions in your letter
  3. Bring the letter to the appointment and receive a COVID-19 vaccine

What if I haven’t received my letter? 

If you have not received your letter by April 15, 2021 contact the provincial call centre, OR 

Visit the provincial online registration and booking system “Get Vaccinated” *scheduled to launch on April 6, 2021 

When can I book my COVID-19 vaccination appointment?

The clinically extremely vulnerable based booking process will run parallel to the ongoing age-based booking schedule. The schedule is being accelerated, starting with those born in 1945 able to book starting Wednesday, March 24.

The revised age-based health authority eligibility call-in schedule is as follows: 

  • age 76 (born in 1945) – Wednesday, March 24 at noon 
  • age 75 (born in 1946) – Thursday, March 25 at noon 
  • age 74 (born in 1947) – Friday, March 26 at noon 
  • age 74+, and CEV population with invitation letter to book – Monday, March 29 noon

We will continue to cascade information as we receive it.