October is Community Inclusion Month

It is now October and we welcome another Community Inclusion Month! This year has been a tough one for inclusion – social distancing and limiting our exposure in the community. In many ways, we have been forced to practice segregation versus inclusion.

We hope in October, we can celebrate inclusion and all that it means to us by supporting our community. Throughout the month, we\’ll be reaching out for support across our community through supporting our social enterprise DisDaBomb, raising awareness about working in the Community Living sector and around Inclusive Housing. Watch out for our ads and editorial in The Tri-City News throughout the month of October.

Inclusion BC has also launched its October campaign and, this year, it will be focusing its efforts on Inclusive Housing. Visit Inclusion BC\’s Community Inclusion Month website for more information! www.inclusionbc.org/community-inclusion-monthRead the official proclamation from Inclusion BC.