Outcomes Report Surveys Coming Soon

Hi Everyone,

It is that time of year when we start to think about gathering information for our Outcomes Report. Every year we survey the people we serve, their families, our staff and our stakeholders to see how they feel about our service from the lenses of efficiency, access, and satisfaction. In addition, we ask what we are doing well and how we might improve. All of this data gets analyzed and folded into a report that we call the Outcomes Management Report.

For the adult folks we serve, we have staff conducting one-on-one interviews for the Outcomes Report and also some questions related to the person\’s quality of life (Anna Campion is surveying Community Inclusion and Amrita Dhoot is surveying Shared Living).

We hope to ask the same quality of life questions next year at this time to assess whether or not people\’s lives are getting better and fuller. If the person is non-verbal, then we have to ask the questions of people who are close to her or him. To get the best results, we try and ask questions from multiple perspectives (more than one person). If you are asked to speak for someone, please be as objective as you can.

Our staff and caregivers will be again be sent a link to an online survey and we ask that you please take the time to fill out the survey because we get a better picture if we have a good response rate. For the first time, we will be sending the online survey to families that we have email addresses for and if we do not have an email address then we will mail out the paper survey. If you have any questions about our Outcomes Report please feel free to contact us at [email protected].