Re-Name our Specialized Resources Program & Win a $100 gas card!

Gillian Reyes, Manager of Specialized Resources (aka Residential Services) is holding a contest to develop a new name for the Specialized Resources program. 

In light of the grim news of the discovery of the remains of Indigenous children being found at several residential schools across Canada, we would like to officially change the name of our \”residential\” program/ \”residential\” services at CVS.

We are hosting a contest to see if anyone has ideas of a more suitable and appropriate name for our program. The program involves 24/7 staffed homes for individuals. The individuals work on various life skills pertaining to their unique needs and all have personalized goals that they work towards. The overarching goal of the homes is to provide an inviting, warm and safe environment for the individual.

If you could reply directly to Gillian by email ([email protected]) with your idea of a new name for our program, that would be great! The person that comes up with the most suitable new name for the program will be the winner of the $100 gas card.

It would be great if you could get your ideas to Gillian by September 15th, 2021. 

Thank you for your participation!