Reminder about Winter Weather at CVS

This is just a quick message to remind everyone about our process at CVS when it comes to snowfall and winter weather safety. In advance of any winter weather, when snow falls, CVS intends to remain open. However, in order to ensure the safety of everyone, activities and outings will likely be changed or cancelled and therefore the majority of the services will be provided from the Port Moody office, the Port Coquitlam office or from the individual\’s home.

On rare occasions, the weather situation can get bad and there is a danger to the individuals we serve and staff due to poor road conditions. If this is the case, CVS will phone to advise all families, caregivers and group homes what the next steps will be in terms of programming for that day. This will also be updated on the News section of the CVS website.

CVS has already made plans to have our parking lot and sidewalks cleared, we have stocked up on salt and we hope to be able to respond to weather events appropriately. If the weather is extreme, please understand that we may close Community Inclusion programs for the sake of everyone\’s safety. In this event, as stated, each family, caregiver or group home will be called.