Spectrum Works Job Fair in Richmond Breaks Down Barriers for People with Autism

The employment rate for Canadian adults with autism is just 14%, according to a 2012 study. The article mentions a number of examples of individuals, most who are educated, that have a hard time getting a job due to the way the recruitment process is setup. It highlights some of the challenge these individuals face.

The hardest element of this is that it actually does a disservice to the employer as well. Many of these individuals who may not get through the interview stage could end up being very loyal, hardworking and valuable staff for the employer.

This job fair seeks to open up the dialogue and attempts to find new ways to handle the recruitment process. This is a step forward in increasing these employment rate figures and also break down employment barriers for people with autism.

Take the time to read the full story to truly see the experiences of these individuals and the steps being taken to encourage change.