The Benefits of Teaching Kindness

We found a CBC point of view article on the modern approach in schools of teaching in a softer and kinder way to be a good read as we continue through the start of the new school year.

The article tells the story of Evie, a little girl with a rare genetic disorder that presents as moderate autism and makes it difficult for her to co-ordinate her body. The article highlights her mom, journalist Amanda Marcotte\’s, observations of kindness being taught in schools and how that is helping her daughter thrive.

Marcotte applauds the current approach in schools and the lessons it is teaching the community as a whole to be inclusive. This is not only helpful to children with disabilities but to other students and teachers, as it helps to spread the concept of diversity and acceptance of individuals with diverse abilities.

At CVS teaching kindness, inclusiveness and acceptance of individuals is truly at the heart of what we do. We commend school districts who follow the same approach as they will be helping to teach the generations of tomorrow about diversity and importance of inclusiveness in our communities.