BC Dental Associations\’ Complex Medical Dental Pilot Program

The provincial government is funding a Complex Medical Dental (CMD) pilot project led by the BC Dental Association (BCDA). The pilot will create new opportunities to receive dental coverage for recipients of disability assistance, income assistance, and their families.

The CMD pilot funding will be available on a pre-approval basis for applications submitted to the BCDA between June 21st 2018 and January 31st 2019. Eligible people accessing the pilot will receive one-time coverage of up to $1,000 for certain medical dental procedures and up to $500 for necessary sedation or general anesthetic. These amounts may be exceeded in exceptional circumstances with approval.

To apply, an application form must be completed by a person’s dentist. Please click here to access the application form. We have attached the application form for your reference and apologize for any confusion.

Disability Alliance BC (DABC) have stated that the CMD pilot represents a significant first step towards addressing this inadequacy. CVS supports this initiative and hopes that this is a success.

For more information, please read the information sheet prepared by the BCDA. This can be accessed by clicking here.