Popular UK Retailer Launches an Inclusive Line of Clothing for Children

UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) recently made headlines about a new line of clothing specifically tailored for children with disabilities. The garments are made with extra space for casts and pockets for feeding tubes. They also are made of the softest materials with as few seams as possible and hidden care labels so that they won’t irritate sensitive skin.

The retailer has received much praise for this new line. While the line resolves some of the challenges with dressing and undressing kids with disabilities, the clothes are also stylish. So kids can get the best of both worlds.

To develop its line, M&S listened to parents of children with disabilities and designed clothing around these needs. At CVS, we think this is a great example of fostering an inclusive community. M&S is providing a great example of what can be done in our communities by businesses to make life easier for individuals with disabilities and enable them to feel comfortable in all the clothes they wear.

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