CVS is Celebrating 40 years in the Tri-Cities

Community Ventures Society (CVS) opened its doors in 1978 to provide support and services to people with disabilities and their families. This year marks 40 years of helping the individuals we serve in the Tri-Cities and we are excited to celebrate this milestone.

Although CVS has changed and expanded over the years, we have always been committed to helping people actively participate in a full range of community life through innovative programs – including respite and children services, as well as adult personal supports.

Help us celebrate this special year in CVS\’ history. We are reaching out to members of our community to hear stories of your experiences with CVS and hope you can share this with us. If you would like to tell us more about your own story with CVS, please get in touch with Miriam through email or by phone at 778.886.7352.

For more information on CVS\’ history in the Tri-Cities, click here.