2018 General Local Elections in BC

October 20th is Municipal Election Day in BC, when voters will choose school trustees, mayors and councillors for their local communities. These elected leaders make important decisions that affect inclusion in our schools and local communities. Particularly school trustees play a big role in setting policies that can impact the needs of children with diverse abilities.

Inclusion BC also noted in its message about the upcoming election that elections are also a good time to talk to others about disability rights and inclusion, to help people understand why these things are important and to grow support for our movement.

We can all help to advance inclusion through election activities:

  1. Learn about inclusion barriers and solutions
  2. Get Involved in election activities, and
  3. Vote for candidates who support inclusion!

CVS urges its community to get out, learn about the policies up for debate, to get involved and – most importantly – vote. If you feel there is a need for change, make a statement and take a stance to influence change. As the election campaign progresses, we will do our best to keep our community up-to-date on a variety of topics related to the election.