CVS Thanks the Generosity in our Community

CVS wants to thank the generosity it has received from the community. We have received kind words across our community as well as offerings for support from a number of individuals as well as businesses. This means a lot to us as a non-profit and we greatly appreciate it. Most recently, we wanted to acknowledge the following donations provided to CVS during this challenging time –

  1. Thank you to Stellava Ventures Inc. (owners of Purp City in Port Moody) who kindly donated a substantial supply of hand sanitizer to CVS.
  2. Thank you to the Rotary Club of Port Moody who has donated cloth masks to CVS.
  3. Thank you to Pat McNinch, one of CVS\’ staff, who went above and beyond to sew and donate approximately 50 masks to CVS.

While the COVID-19 situation has been challenging for all of us, it really has brought together so many of us across the community. This is something we, at CVS, are truly grateful for.

Thank you again to everyone who has offered support and thanks so much to the individuals and companies mentioned above! Your help means the world to us, our staff, the individuals we serve & their families.