CVS New Staff Guidelines for Wearing Masks

Earlier this week, CVS announced to its staff that it will now require all employees to wear a surgical or re-usable mask when they support the individuals we serve. Please see below the announcement made to staff.

Please stay safe, wash your hands & be healthy!

To all CVS staff:

Thanks for your continued support during the Covid19 pandemic.

Beginning today, Monday, April 27th, 2020, CVS is requiring all employees to wear a surgical or re-usable mask (provided by CVS) when directly supporting any individual. This is not on recommendation from the Provincial Health Authority but out of an abundance of caution. We hope  to reduce the risk of transmission from anyone who may be a carrier despite the lack of symptoms or Covid19 diagnosis.

Employees are allotted one mask per shift (masks are generally in short supply so please be cautious). If you do not have access to a mask when you start your shift, please call your Coordinator/ Supervisor immediately.