CBC Radio Spotlights – Finding his Voice

CBC Radio presents the powerful story of Ido Kedar – a 21-year-old man with autism, who has nonverbal autism. He was told from a very young age that he would never be able to communicate independently.

But when he was 7 years old his mother, Tracy Kedar, says Ido communicated with her for the first time in a way she knew for sure that he understood her.

They were making invitations for Ido\’s birthday party. He did not have the motor skills to hold a pencil on his own, and she was resting her hand over his. As they wrote, it seemed to her that he had a flash of recognition.

Fast forward to the present day and Ido now communicates via an iPad. He types out words and the software acts as a medium to communicate Ido\’s voice. It not only has helped Ido express himself but also given him a sense of his intelligence.

Ido\’s story is one of many who have found their voice in technology. At CVS, we know how powerful this can be. That is why we have committed to supply all individuals we serve with tablet computers so they can learn how to communicate. Ultimately this helps them to gain greater independence, confidence and enables them to communicate with others in their community.

To read more about Ido and listen to the full interview, click here.